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Asset Bookkeeping & Business Services

Asset Bookkeeping & Business Services was started in 2008 by Tracy Clements. Tracy is an accountant, trained bookkeeper and understands all the aspects that goes into being not only a bookkeeper but that of an accountant.

Tracy has extensive experience not only working with, but receiving ongoing training by, professionally designated accountants. Asset Bookkeeping Business Services knows exactly what goes into preparing all the necessary documentation your accountant requires. Asset Bookkeeping takes great pride in the relationships it has built over the years with all the firms in the Cowichan Valley. Tracy can talk to your accountant and better understand what they need when it comes to helping you, because in the end it is about you, and making sure you are able to do what you do best: run your business.


Asset Bookkeeping & Business Services understands the needs of your business, that you are your business. So why are you spending your time worrying with the paperwork adding up on your desk or in a shoe-box? You need to be spending your valuable time running your valuable business, after all that is why you do what you do, right?

Asset Bookkeeping does more than just prepare your taxes. Asset Bookkeeping works with you and plans for your taxes. Others just enter your slips into a program and allow the program to do the work for them. Asset Bookkeeping reviews all aspects of your tax situation. You are more than just a slip of paper: you are a person.

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